Annual Winter Spirit Extravaganza Light Display doesn't disappoint

LEWISTON, ID - Decorative holiday lights are a part of the season especially for parks in the LC Valley.

Both the Clarkston Christmas Lighting Committee, along with the Lewiston Winter Spirit Board were out in full force this weekend finishing up the last minute touches for this year's festive lighting in the parks. It's a year long process for the two groups, who both fix, prepare and add on to each year's display.

"It's a year round project," said Clarkston Christmas Lighting Treasurer John Peacock. "We spent a month or so in the summer, this year rewiring the church, last year we made 30 or 40 snowflakes for Bridge Street, there's always something to repair."

"When they push that plunger and the lights go on at night, it just is a wonderful display of light and we really feel that our efforts were well worth it," said Winter Spirit Board Vice President Sandy Bunton.

Audience members screamed with approval at Saturday's 18th Annual Winter Spirit Extravaganza in Locomotive Park as the first night of this year's Christmas lights were lit. Christmas Dancers and Carolers entertained the public before the more than one-million lights illuminated the many trees and walk ways throughout the area. Park-goers can enjoy the nightly spectacle through New Year's Day.