Approved ordinance makes jake brakes illegal in unincorporated Asotin Co.

CLARKSTON, WA - In continuing coverage of Monday night's meeting, compression brakes or commonly known as jake brakes, can't be used in unincorporated Asotin County anymore.

The Asotin County Commission approved an ordinance to keep the loud brakes out of urbanized areas. Members of the commission and Public Works Director Jim Bridges said they're simply reacting to the numerous and consistent complaints they've had in regard to the noise.

"So if we do get the phone call now I've got the ordinance I go by," said Bridges. "I've got an ordinance I can give to the Sheriff that he can understand and enforce."

First time offenders that use the brakes face a $250 fine all the way up to $750 for repeat offenders. Washington State Police and the Asotin County Sheriff's Office are enforcing the new ordinance.