Arsonist who plead guilty to Grove Apt. fire admits to setting six other fires

COLFAX, WA - Whitman County Prosecutor, Denis Tracy has confirmed the State will not press charges against the man who pleaded guilty to federal charges for starting the Grove Apartment fire in Pullman.

Tracy said that the plea agreement Brian Kitchen from Pullman entered with the U.S. Attorney's Office on Monday included a Global Resolution to his case. Tracy said the agreement requires Kitchen to plead guilty to the federal charge of Malicious Use of Fire to Damage Property Used in Interstate Commerce, in addition to helping investigators solve a series of unsolved arson cases that Kitchen may have started.

"We've worked together on this case to bring it to a quick resolution, a resolution that holds Mr. Kitchen accountable, sends him to prison for a significant period of time, and of course he'll be ordered to pay restitution," said Tracy.

Tracy said Kitchen admitted to starting about six other fires in Pullman that date back as far as ten years. However, Pullman Police Commander, Chris Tennant said the investigation of those fires is ongoing and right now police can't confirm Kitchen is responsible for them.

Kitchen has a sentencing hearing scheduled for April 15th in Spokane. At that point, the judge will decide whether to accept Kitchen's plea agreement.