Asotin-Anatone School District introduce innovative reading program

ASOTIN, WA - Teachers in the Asotin-Anatone School District are trying a new method of teaching when it comes to reading, breaking students into individualized groups to learn at their own level.

Teachers and staff members said they're ecstatic about the Read Well program and what it's doing for their kids.

"You saw them line-up to go to groups and if there's a day that we don't have groups they'll go...'Don't we have group today?'" said 2nd Grade Teacher Kerry Giardinelli.

"It's helping me learn new things," said second grader, Justin Keggenboyea.

"The thirty minutes that we spend in this small group I have found to be real positive," said Giardinelli.

"We decided as a staff that we needed to meet the needs of all our students instead of just some of our students," said Title One Reading Instructor, Jenny Petty.

"Students learn in all different rates and different learning styles," said Giardinelli.

"Giving the opportunity for those higher kids with a higher reading levels the opportunity to progress in their reading levels as well," said Petty.

"Just within our second grade classroom we have 87% of our kids now reading at grade level," said Special Education Instructor, Amanda Hinkley.

"It's helping me learn new words that I don't know," said Keggenboyea.

"I like the non-fiction where you learn real-life stuff," said 2nd grader Ava Dickerson.

"I want them to enjoy reading and to be able to read a book and get something out of it," said Petty.

"We saw a six-percent gain in our reading fluency," said Hinkley. "That will be our words per minute within the program."

"I didn't understand as much when I wasn't in this reading group," said Dickerson.

The program has only been in place for about a year for the kindergarten through third grade program. The school district is looking at expanding it to high grade levels also.