Asotin-Anatone students learn real life skills competing in First Robotics competition

ASOTIN, WA - Some Asotin-Anatone Junior-Senior High School students have been working around the clock prepping for an important competition.

KLEW News takes you to their workshop to learn more about the engineers crafting a one of a kind robot.

"It's real world," said Agricultural Education Teacher, Glen Landrus. "When you go out into the real world there's no back of the textbook answers either."

"Six weeks. That's all a group of 18 students are getting to build a complex robot. And Wednesday night, the clock is ticking.

"This year we're throwing a big ball like this," said student Paul Kelley.

"We have to figure out a way to propel a ball through a goal," said Landrus. "We can also hand the ball off to other teams."

This is the last night the group can work on the robot. After this, they'll bag it up until competition with only a few chances to perfect the imperfections.

"They learn how to manufacture their own parts, put it together, to develop their own robot," said volunteer Victor Dalosto.

Victor Dalosto volunteers his time and machinery to the group. Agricultural Teacher Glen Landrus said it's people like Dalosto that are helping his students learn real life skills.

"The task is secondary," said Landrus. "Really it's all the problems that they figure out that they can solve that they can apply to other things."

"This was kind of my entry point into the programming side of things," said student Brian Strobel. "And now I'm doing it in my own time doing it as a fun hobby."

"I'm just shocked that I've learned so much in the last year," said student Dana Borland.

"We were 47th out of 50 I think," said student Chandler Teigen.

But it was their first year. So now...they aren't rookies anymore.

"We also use a lot of pnuematics than we did last year," said Borland. "Last year we kind of hit a snag and didn't really know what it was, how to use it."

And with some luck...they'll get a hole in one.

The group is going to two regional competitions in hopes of qualifying for the First Robotics Competition Nationals.