Asotin Co. Assessor's Office staff hours cut may affect land auditing

ASOTIN, WA - The Asotin County Assessor said an auditing program that brings in cash for the county isn't possible anymore due to lack of staffing.

The commissioners voted to reduce the office's clerical staffing hours due to budget restraints. Assessor Chris Woods said because of the lack of hours, they can't audit land for current use program. She said the office brought in roughly $300,000 last year auditing land twenty-acres and smaller.

"Our next step was to audit the 20 to 100 acre pieces but now we won't be able to do that," said Woods.

"Chris, I find it odd that three hours a week is going to make a difference in your office doing your job," said Asotin County Commissioner, Brian Shinn.

The commission cut hours back three hours for some clerical staff and cut back an appraiser to half-time. Nearly every department and program in the county has experienced significant cuts due to budget restraints.