Asotin Co. Commissioners interpret Wash. law for off-road vehicles on county roads

ASOTIN, WA - Asotin County commissioners are looking at a recently created Washington State law that could allow all-terrain vehicles on county roadways.

The law, which went into effect last year, outlines broad guidelines for the use of off-road vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles, four-wheel drive vehicles and dune buggies. It restricts ATV's to roads with a speed limit of 35-miles per hour or less.

The law establishes registration and safety equipment policies,and requires supervision from a licensed adult for riders under the age of 16. However, these guidelines leave a lot of room for local interpretation.

A public hearing was held Monday during the Asotin County Commissioners meeting. There were no comments against it.

"As long as they're driven responsibly, they're legal and we have an ordinance it's clear cut gentleman," said Clarkston resident Wayne Tippett.

County commissioners will have to decide where the ATV's will be allowed to go, and how they'll regulate the use of all off-road vehicles on county roads. Commissioners said they'd like to allow this and they're going to take everyone's comments into consideration.