Asotin Co. Prop 1 failure opens door for new government reform initiative

CLARKSTON, WA - Asotin County's Proposition One failed Tuesday by a large margin, opening the door of opportunity for another group of local citizens seeking government reform.

The proposition, backed by local group Respect Asotin County, would've created a home rule charter drafted by elected free holders. The charter would've enacted a set of guidelines by which local government must abide by.

Now that Proposition One is off the table, Scott Broyles of Citizens For Better Government said they're ready to take the next step to get their initiative on the ballot in 2013.

"Our joy in this is that we have a year to educate everybody about what it is we're really trying to do," said Broyles.

The new initiative seeks to combine all three local governments from Asotin County, the City of Clarkston and the City of Asotin. He said it'll create continuity, transparency and is a more efficient way of utilizing resources for a county that has a small population. The Asotin County auditor will check the 893 collected signatures to see if their initiative can get on the next ballot. They'll need 689 to put it in front of the people.