Asotin Co. Public Utility Dist. plan new waterline along Thirteenth St.

CLARKSTON, WA - Construction on 15th Street in Clarkston is wrapping up.

Roads are paved and all that's left to do is adjust utilities and put up road signs. The next project you can expect to see is the Thirteenth Street overlay, from Bridge Street to Peaslee Avenue.

Public Works Director Jim Bridges said this project is estimated to cost roughly $1.6 million. Crews will reconstruct handicap ramps on each intersection and replace existing asphalt.

"New signs new striping; its a similar project to what the county is completing on 15th Street right now," said Bridges.

Similar work, but twice the size of the 15th Street project. Even though construction won't start until November, the Asotin County Public Utility District plans to start installing a new waterline along Thirteenth Street within the next couple weeks.