Asotin Co. residents file for freeholder position for Home Rule Charter

CLARKSTON, WA - Respect Asotin County turned in signatures to get a Home Rule Charter on the November general election ballot at the end of July.

In the instance that the measure passes, freeholders would need to start working on the charter as soon as possible. Which is why anyone who has lived in Asotin County for five years and registered to vote had the opportunity to sign themselves up to be elected.

Asotin County Auditor Darla McKay said they had quite a few people come in.

"We needed six for each district, so 18 total," said McKay. "There have been 33 people that have applied for freeholders."

She said they'll draw names from each district to determine the order in which they are placed on the ballot. Any freeholder elected will also be subject to follow the Public Disclosure Act.