Asotin Co. residents' questions get answers at 'Meet the Candidates' forum

CLARKSTON, WA - The Washington Primary is on Tuesday August second. This past weekend several candidates who'll be on the Asotin County ballot had the opportunity to address voters at a candidate forum in Clarkston.

Carol Zinke was there and has this report on why these candidates feel they should get your vote.

It was a good turnout on Saturday, with more than 50-people who showed up to meet the candidates running for everything from U.S. Representative to various county offices.

The candidates first had an opportunity to introduce themselves and talk about why they're running.

"33 years ago I pinned on my first badge and I knew this would be my lifelong career goal," said Asotin Co. Sheriff Candidate John Hilderbrand. "My vision for Asotin County Sheriff's Office is simple. I will provide quality law enforcement and be the best steward of your tax dollars."

"I'll continue to work with the schools, community organizations and faith-based organizations," said Asotin Co. Sheriff Candidate Dan Hally. "I will be an honest sheriff that works for the citizens and make sure we're spending our tax dollars responsibly."

After the introductions, the forum attendees had a chance to ask the candidates questions, which were mainly focused towards the candidates running for U.S. representative.

One question that was asked was what the future of social security looks like.

"When you have tremendous debt problems like we do, you need to adopt something to address the issues and spread them out over a number of years," said U.S. Representative Candidate Dave Wilson.

"The social security program is solvent," said U.S. Representative Joseph Pakootas. "It has plenty of money in there to support itself, so I think that it should be left alone."

"I think we have to take a generation or two, and transfer social security to a private system," said U.S. Representative Candidate Tom Horne.

And while the candidates were able to reach a few dozen voters Saturday, they now have three weeks to reach thousands more before the August fifth Primary.

Primary ballots go in the mail on July 18th. They have to be post marked by the 5th or turned into a ballot drop box by 8 that night.