Asotin Co. stormwater compete for grant money to build waste facility project

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Stormwater management team said they're taking advantage of the state stormwater grant to get some cash for a potential project.

Stormwater Coordinator Cheryl Sonnen said they could create a decant waste facility, if they can out-compete other teams across the state for the money. It's main purpose is to dry the catch basin and street sweeping waste before it's dumped into the landfill to ensure pollutants are cleaned out before they dump the waste. Sonnen says the state stormwater grant money comes from previously allocated funds that weren't completed used.

"Our cost estimate is $75,000 for this and our match would be $18,750," said Sonnen. "And we plan to design and construct this project using county staff."

"If there's seven million dollars left over from grant money, then the department of ecology should return that to the Washington State treasury so that we don't have the kind of budget problems that we have," said resident Rick Rogers.

If the stormwater team is able to secure the grant funding in August, they'll have to get approval from the commission to begin work on the decant waste facility project.