Asotin County Assessor's office struggling with bare-bones staff

ASOTIN COUNTY, WA - The Asotin County Assessor's office is having a difficult time getting work complete with a bare-bones staff.

The Asotin County Commissioners approved Assessor Chris Wood to keep employing a temporary hire because he didn't use his total budgeted hours from 2012. The temporary hire is getting appraisal work caught up for the understaffed county.

"Assessments are supposed to be done by May, and they didn't get done until November," said Wood. "So we were able to complete within that calendar year but we obviously weren't able to catch up to the accurate calendar."

The temporary hire was also entering appraisal data into the Asotin County system, as part of a program funded by the Washington State Department of Revenue, but the DOR is taking issue with the fact that a current employee is getting the use of the grant money. He's currently working on appraisals only until they're able to reach an agreement with the DOR.