Asotin County Commissioners Discuss Short and Long-Term Road Work Projects


Asotin County has a detailed list of upcoming transportation projects, bridges and pedestrian safety are some of the highlighted improvements.

Commissioners held a public hearing Monday to talk about long and short-term goals for road work.

Public Works Director, Dustin Johnson, highlighted some of the projects planned for the next six years those include fixes to Wenatchee and the Grande Ronde Bridges, and a possible bridge or tunnel pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Critchfield and Highway-129.

One of the next big projects on the list for fiscal year 2018, the resurfacing of the Southway Bridge, which is owned in part by four entities.

Johnson said, "Nez Perce County, Asotin County, City of Clarkston, City of Lewiston. The cost of the project overall is two-million dollars, so if we get no funding whatsoever, we'll carve that out; each entity will owe a half a million dollars on that surfacing."

Johnson said the pavement on Southway Bridge has held up for over 30 years. This new resurfacing is expected to last just as long. He said they should know by fall if they’ve received grant money for that project.

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