Asotin County Deputy is facing two counts of providing alcohol to minors

Asotin County Deputy Investigation.jpg

An Asotin County deputy, accused of providing alcohol to minors is scheduled to appear in Asotin County District Court (Wednesday) tomorrow.

Gary Snyder, 47, has been on leave since mid-December. Sheriff John Hilderbrand suspended his pay last month when criminal charges were filed by the Garfield County prosecutor.

Snyder is accused of buying beer, vodka and cigarettes from a store in Clarkston and giving them to two minors from Pomeroy, last July. He faces two counts of providing alcohol to minors, which is a gross misdemeanor.

Sheriff Hilderbrand said he's waiting to see what happens in court before taking any further action against Snyder. After that, he'll sit down with other parties, including the union to figure what's next.

Kendall Webster, 33, is set to appear in Garfield County Superior Court on Thursday. Webster was reportedly with Snyder during this alleged crime. He is facing felony charges of third-degree rape of a child, sexual exploitation of a minor, and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

The other Asotin County deputy accused of off-duty misconduct, remains on paid administrative leave. The Washington State Patrol is investigating.

Sheriff John Hilderbrand said he expects to receive that report by the end of the week.

Jeff Polillo, 39, was accused in mid-December. He's been receiving compensation while the allegations against him are being investigated. Today, he received pay for 190 hours, which works out to almost $5,000 plus benefits.

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