Asotin County Health District moves from Clarkston to Asotin

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Health District is closing their doors in Clarkston and heading up-river to Asotin.

The health district made their announcement this week after finding an affordable space for relocation. Their new office is between the Asotin County Courthouse and the annex in a vacant building. While the move is necessary, Administrator Brady Woodbury said they're losing more than half the space they have now.

"I know that some of our clients do walk here for their appointments so of course that'll place a hardship," said Woodbury. "But hopefully we can work together to get a bus system and transit system and figure out a way to get services to everyone."

The health district hopes to make the move at the beginning or middle of April. They don't have an exact date yet but they expect to close for a couple of days while they make the transition.