Asotin County looks into new ways to recycle wood due to Dept. of Ecology regulations

CLARKSTON, WA - A program that helps locals recycle wood is likely here to stay thanks to support from local fire agencies.

For years, the Asotin County Regional Landfill has had a free program for people to dump their tree branches and old wood. However the Department of Ecology is changing regulations, so the county is looking at new ways to recycle the wood for little to no cost. Local leaders said the program keeps people from open burning and starting fires.

"We get over five-thousand customers a year that bring in wood waste," said Asotin County Landfill Operations Supervisor, Steve Becker. "To date just this year, in ten months we have 5230 customers through the end of October."

"We would fully support keeping the program running," said Asotin Co. Fire Dist. #1 Chief, Noel Hardin. "It reduces our workload to not only going out to calls but complaint calls. We've seen a huge reduction in that."

Becker said they're looking into hiring a wood chipping company as regulations change.