Asotin County marijuana moratorium will not be permanent

CLARKSTON, WA - Some counties and cities in the state of Washington have chosen to permanently ban marijuana despite legalization in the state, but that's not something Asotin County is interested in.

A local resident spoke up Monday morning, pointing out that as a county, this area voted against the moratorium. However Commissioner Brian Shinn said it voted down by a close margin and they don't plan to follow counties like Pierce County near Seattle in an ultimate ban.

"We want to do it conservatively but legally," said Shinn. "We've talked about it before but I think we all agree that's what we're going to do. We're going to move forward and implement the law."

Right now in both the county and the city there's a temporary moratorium in place for about six months. Until then, the sale, distribution and growth on marijuana is still illegal in the county limits.