Asotin County Officials thankful for their family & community

ASOTIN, WA - The officials who work in Asotin county work hard to represent their constituents on a daily basis.

But when the holiday season rolls around, they're all about family, friends and their community.

"Truly I'm thankful for being able to wake up everyday and be surrounded by family and friends," said Asotin County Fire Dist. #1 Fire Chief Noel Hardin. "And being able to live in such a great community and Thanksgiving is just a great time to stop and reflect about all of the blessings we have everyday."

"Well our family's just been blessed," said Asotin County Commissioner Jim Jeffords. "We had a new granddaughter earlier this year. We're going to have Thanksgiving just a little late this year. "We couldn't get all the family together on Thursday so we're doing it on Friday. So we're going to have a big Thanksgiving dinner."

"On a general note I'm thankful that the elections are over with," said Asotin County Commissioner Brian Shinn. "On a personal level I'm very thankful that my son's wife is going to have a baby girl, Reagan Claire, sometime in February, good Lord willing."

"I'm very thankful that at this present time, we have really good health in our family and I guess we've been blessed," said Asotin County Commissioner Don Brown.

"I'm thankful for helping out a great community and working out here in Asotin County Fire District One," said EMT Kevin Reynolds. "Patient care is our number one priority and I'm thankful for that."