Asotin County Parade entries have surpassed last year

ASOTIN, WA - The Asotin County Fair Parade is benefiting from high numbers this year, despite changes in the scheduling that splits the fair and the rodeo to take place on two separate weekends.

Parade coordinator Keri Wilson said she's received roughly 100 entries so far, and expects as many as 25 more by the week's end. Wilson said that the number of entries, which have already surpassed last year's numbers, are up because the separation of the rodeo and the fair gives people the chance to attend more activities.

Charlotte Tuttle, a resident of Asotin County and President of the Asotin County Cattle Women shared her excitement with the Asotin County Commission Monday morning.

"There will be 4-H people or others who can enter the parade, at fair time they never could," said Tuttle. "And the traffic, the people that come watch the parade will not have to be involved with the congestion."

Wilson said she's taking entries the day of the parade for anyone who wants to join in. It's free to enter and the parade starts at 10 a.m.

If you'd like to register here is the website.