Asotin county pot moratorium could be extended for another six months

CLARKSTON, WA - Don't expect to be able to buy pot in Clarkston anytime soon. The ban on pot shops in Clarkston could last longer than expected.

Clarkston City Council members are now drafting up an ordinance for extending the moratorium another six months. Initially, the council passed a six month moratorium which would've been up at the end of May. However in a five-to-two vote, the council accepted the Public Safety Committees recommendation to extend a ban on the production, processing and sale of marijuana.

"It's a safety reason for one thing and also we need to find out where our legal right's stand," said Clarkston Councilor, Terry Beadles. "And at this point we as a council should not implement a drug into our society that we think might be dangerous."

That's exactly what we told the people six months ago," said Clarkston Councilor, Larry Baumberger. "And now six month later and we're still doing the same thing. We're going to do it six more months after that. Well that's your opinion I would like to make a decision and get it over with. Let these people quit sitting around waiting."

Before any final action can be taken by the council, a public hearing needs to be held. If a second moratorium passes, pot shops wouldn't be allowed to open until November.

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