Asotin County Superior Court future goal to go paperless with E-Filing

ASOTIN, WA - Asotin County Superior Court is working to go paperless.

Washington State is implementing a new filing system for all superior courts that could potentially save taxpayers money.

One of the features is a document management system, otherwise known as electronic filing, which Asotin County doesn't have. Asotin is the only county in the state that doesn't have some sort of electronic filing. The county's current program is over 34-years old.

County commissioners signed a letter of intent at their weekly meeting Monday morning that's being sent off to Washington, D.C.

"We're really excited about this agreement," said Asotin County Clerk, Marie Eggart. "We're telling the state that we're willing to join with them and agree to use the new case document management system that they're providing for us. Our future goal is to have e-filing and a paperless court here in Asotin County."

Eggart said the state isn't promising to pay for this equipment and service, but they may pay for a large portion of it. She said the entire change costs $35,000, and the small county of Asotin may only have to fork up $3,500, which will save taxpayers money.