Asotin County voters will decide "Home Rule Charter" on November ballot

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Commissioners passed a resolution on Monday that could combine all three local governments in the area.

So what does that mean? Well the Asotin County Commission, the City of Asotin council and the councilors and the City of Clarkston council would be combined to create one unified county government

"One of the things it would do, is it would at least pull us all together where we're not all at cross purposes," said Clarkston attorney Scott Broyles.

Broyles is the voice behind the movement and he said it's all about streamlining the government in the area.

"We're 22,000 people," said Broyles. "We've got real limited resources divided into three governmental units, we can't fund any of the basics very adequately."

The resolution may be up for vote in November but there's still a few hurdles to pass before anything is solidified. The first phase that will take place in November, asks voters if they want to draft a charter to combine all three governments. If the answer is yes, then 17 freeholders are elected at that same time. Then after the charter is drafted, it needs to be voted on by the people.

"Like the framers of the constitution, these would be the framers of the charter, locally and that's what we're electing is this group of seventeen folks to get together and frame or draft this document," said Broyles

Broyles said the logistical details of the potential future government is going to be drafted in the charter by the freeholders. Broyles said potential framers who are interested in running need to throw their name in the hat by the end of May. The time they'll need you to dedicate is about four hours a week for approximately one year.