Assessor requests an office assistant increase of hours to county commissioners'

ASOTIN, WA - Asotin County Commissioners are considering giving one of the county assessor's office assistants a full-time position.

County Assessor Chris Wood said the Chief Deputy isn't being given enough hours in the day to get things done, and her office is several months behind because of it.

Commissioner Brian Shinn said other county offices are running fine with part-time employees, and feels the assessors office should be able to as well.

Wood said she's helping when she can, and so are the appraisers when they aren't out appraising properties.

"That was one of the issues before," said Asotin Commissioner Chair, Jim Fuller. "Chris, you said that you could have a volunteer ride with one of them, so they could split up rather than riding together."

"I can't figure out how two people in the same car going out for appraisals can be twice as effective," said Commissioner Jim Jeffords.

Wood said that's not the problem. She said its primarily due to the fact that the Chief Deputy is new to the office, so she needs time to learn the ropes.

She's asking commissioners to bump up her office assistants hours from 17 to 35 per week. This will cost the county an extra $11,000. Commissioners said they'll make their decision next week.