AT&T "It Can Wait" campaign nixes texting & driving

LEWISTON, ID - As part of a national movement to stop texting and driving, AT&T has created a new feature for smart phones.

According to the Idaho Transportation Department 100 of the deadliest days on the road occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Car crashes during this time period are the leading cause of death for 16-to-20 year-old's. To help keep teen drivers safe, AT&T created an app called drive-mode. Whenever a driver exceeds 25-miles-per hour and receives a text message, an automatic message will be sent in reply that lets their friends and family know they're driving.

"Since 2009 our texting and driving program, 'It Can Wait,' is set out to deliver a simple, but vital message to all wireless users," said Sales Manager Ryan Clark. "When it comes to texting and driving,it can wait."

Four-million people have pledged never to text and drive as a result of this campaign. Clark said AT&T leaders encourage all their employees to pledge and they hope this pushes others to do the same.