Avista customers bill increased due to below average temps in December

LEWISTON, ID - If your power bill seemed unusually high for the month of December, you're certainly not alone, as hundreds have claimed their Avista bill doubled or even tripled during the holidays.

So, what happened? Well according to Avista Corporation there hasn't been any type of rate hike in Idaho since October. Avista Communications Manager, Debbie Simock said the amount of energy goes up as temperatures go down, and the month of December brought below average temperatures.

"Your heater has to run more often in order to maintain the temperature in your home." said Simock. "When we had negative temperature, the extreme cold snap that we had, so that is having an effect of customer bills."

Simock said turning your thermostat down when you're away from your house, as well as sealing air leaks are a few other ways to keep your bill lower. Avista sees highest customer usage during the winter.