Avista Energy Solutions Engineer gives advice on LED light bulbs

MOSCOW, ID - LED bulbs are the new trend in energy-efficient lighting, but you may want to wait before switching over to the newest technology.

Avista Energy Solutions Lead Engineer Tom Lienhard explained the pros and cons of light-emitting-diodes, or LED's to city leaders and business owners on the Palouse Thursday morning. He suggests switching over gradually because they're expensive, however they last for years.

"Make sure you try them in one, small location, and make sure you like it before you go replacing everything in your home or your business," said Leinhard.

LED bulbs last much longer than incandescents, and they use much less energy. However, some people take issue with the color of light they produce. Lienhard said it's a developing technology and as more options become available, the prices will go down as well.