Avista megawatts of electricity jumped to record high on July 2nd

LEWISTON, ID - According to Avista Corporation, residents within Idaho and Washington used a record setting amount of energy on Tuesday.

Avista officials said during the late afternoon Wednesday, 1,671 megawatts of electricity were being used. This massive number beat out the previous record from 2006. Avista Communications Manager, Debbie Simock, said the amount of energy used Wednesday is way above average for both the summer and winter seasons.

"Our average load is about 1,100 megawatts so the record that we set yesterday was significantly higher than our average, so a lot of heat in the region," said Simock.

Simock said closing the blinds and cooking outside on the grill are ways to keep electricity costs low this summer. Usually, Avista sees highest customer usage during the winter.