Avista reminder that weatherizing your home can save you money

LEWISTON, ID - With the cold months quickly approaching, you might be turning up the heat a little more, and flipping on a few more lights.

Some folks put up with the higher power bills, but KLEW News Reporter Suzette Reynoso shows you some ways you can keep your bill down, and still stay cozy.

Avista officials say the wintertime can be very expensive for customers who are not energy efficient. During the winter months, more people crank up their heaters. And if your home is not weatherized, that can mean higher energy bills.

"Heating and cooling is usually the biggest energy use in your home," said Lisa Lee, Avista Representative.

Avista Representative Lisa Lee said making sure there are no cracks in your door or windows are just some ways to weatherize your home.

"So the cold air comes in, cools your house and then you have to reheat it," said Lee. "So you are using more energy than you need to."

Lee said if you seal up leaks and cracks in your doors by using this V-seal Weatherstrip, you would stop the drafty wind from coming inside your home.

"So when you close that doorlike that you can see that it fills any gap that you got," said Lee.

Avista officials say, even electronics that are powered off but are still plugged into an outlet use up electricity. So it might be worth it to just unplug.

For more energy saving tips visit the Avista website.
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