Avista requests Annual Price Adjustment Request in Washington

LEWISTON, ID - People living in Washington might see a decrease in their monthly electric bill starting this winter.

Avista sent in it's annual Residential Exchange program and purchased gas cost adjustment request. If it's approved by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, the cost of electricity will decrease by $1.06.

Mike Tatko, the Regional Business Manager, said that the projected savings on electricity is more than they anticipated, which is a good thing for customers. The second request they've filed is for a monthly increase for the use of natural gas.

"The reason for the increase is because natural gas wholesales were high in 2014 due to a colder than normal winter that we experienced earlier this year," said Tatko. "If approved that will result in an increase in natural gas rates of about 77-cents per month for a person with average use."

This increase for natural gas and decrease for electric rates will only affect people in Washington.

But they did also file a rate request for Idahoans, that could also take effect in November. It's a possible two-percent decrease. It would reduce your monthly bill by $1.16. Tatko said they should hear back from the commission sometime within the next several weeks.