Avista Utilities reminds you to 'Call before You Dig' to avoid underground utilities

LEWISTON, ID - Before you head out to do some yard work this weekend there's something you need to do first!

Reporter Carol Zinke explains how to avoid causing damage to power lines during spring cleaning.

Avista is asking people to call 8-1-1 before they begin any digging. Avista's Regional Business Manager Mike Tatko said it's best if you give them a call two days before you plan to dig.

"A utility representative will come out and will mark the underground utilities in your yard so you don't dig in the wrong spot and potentially cause some damage," said Tatko.

Anywhere you dig on your property has the potential to cause damage not only to your home, but it could affect your neighbors and possibly the whole surrounding area as well.

Tatko said this type of accident happens more often than you'd think.

"Nationwide, about every six minutes someone digs in and hits an underground utility," said Tatko. "And those are people who did not call."

He said while it's not as frequent in our area, a national public opinion survey from March of this year 50% of people will not call before they dig. To prevent injury and damage from happening to you and your family be sure to call 8-1-1 before doing any digging.

You can also check out call-811-dot-com, and you can find the link to that page on our website at KLEW-TV. com.