Avista's 'Energy Fair' will be giving away free home kits to winterize your home

LEWISTON, ID - Are you one of those people that like to get the most bang for your buck, well if so, you might want to head over to the Lewiston Center mall Tuesday afternoon.

Avista will host an Energy Fair on Tuesday from three to six p.m. The event will include demonstrations as well as energy saving materials to keep your home warm and safe this winter.

"Because the temperatures are starting to drop, we want to make sure people are looking at weatherizing their home," said Avista Community Outreach Coordinator Lisa Lee. "Because you start getting the breezes coming into those cracks and the draft are the major form of heat loss."

Avista will provide participants with an energy savings kit, which is made up of some materials needed to keep your home insulated. Once again the free event will run from three to six p.m. at the Lewiston Center mall (Tuesday) tomorrow.