B-17 bomber buzzes around Valley skies

LEWISTON, ID - Local residents may likely ask a very valid question as to why a World War II era bomber is buzzing around the skies.

Captain Rich Roberts has an answer for that... it's a flying museum that has traveled to you. A fully functioning and restored B-17 touched down into Lewiston Thursday for a stop along their 60 city tour.

The B-17 was made in 1944 and introduced at the end of the war. This specific plane was used mainly for mapping research and later on in World War II for rescue, which is why it's still in such good condition. Captain Roberts said their non-profit organization flies all over the country because they want people to be able to take a look inside and, if they want, ride in these authentic military planes.

"Come on down here and we'll set them up," said Roberts. "We're hoping to do two or three rides a day. We can take up to eight passengers, two ride in the nose and six ride in the waist-gun section."

Roberts said each time they take the B-17 up for a flight, it costs approximately $4,000 between fuel and maintenance of the historical

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