Balancing Latah County 2014 budget was difficult due to lack of revenue

MOSCOW, ID - The Latah County Commissioners passed a $15.8 million budget for the 2014 fiscal year that includes raises for county employees.

The new budget is about $744,000 more than the 2013 budget, and it includes a 3% property tax increase. All three commissioners said balancing the 2014 budget was difficult because of a lack of revenue, but they were glad to be able to give employees raises for the first time in five years.

"We're still not rolling in dough, but we're at a point now where we can reward the employees for the hard work and efforts they've been putting in and for sticking with us all these years," said Latah County Commissioner Dave McGraw.

Elected officials will also receive a raise of at least 10%, with the exception of the county commissioners. Their salaries won't increase at all. The 2014 budget will go into effect this October.