Ballots must be postmarked 2/12 for Pullman School Bond

PULLMAN, WA - Tuesday (today) is the last day for Pullman residents to turn in their ballots for the $53.5 million bond for the city's schools.

In order for the bond to be validated, at least 40% of Pullman's registered voters from last November's election must turn in a ballot, which means 4,048 people need to vote. 60% of those voters need to approve the bond in order for it to pass.

"Yesterday when I called the county election office, we were at 69, so as of yesterday afternoon, we needed 69 to validate," said Pullman School District Executive Director of Support Services Dan Hornfelt.

Ballots need to be post marked by Tuesday's date or submitted to a ballot drop-box by midnight tonight. Drop-box locations include the Compton Union Building on the WSU campus, Pullman's City Hall, and behind the election office in Colfax.

If the bond passes, property taxes will increase for Pullman residents by $1.61 for every thousand of assessed property value. The money would pay to remodel the high school and expand an elementary school.