Bank of America grant helps Asotin County Food Bank

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Food Bank is overflowing with food, thanks to local food drives and a grant from Bank of America.

Over the past month, they've had a steady flow of donations and Tuesday morning they picked up a check for $7,500 from the Bank of America Foundation. Former Treasurer James Haug said in September, the shelves were bare. They applied for a grant at that time, hoping for some help during the holiday season. The volunteers couldn't be happier with the way the food bank is currently stocked however Haug said unfortunately the supply won't last forever.

"As a general rule this will probably disappear within a month," said Haug. "And so we rely a lot on food banks and monies we receive to replenish the supply."

Haug said it costs about $5,000 to keep the shelves full every month. The Bank of America Foundation has donated $17,500 this year, to non-profit organizations in Asotin County alone.