Basement fire destroys Clarkston Heights home

CLARKSTON, WA - A basement fire in a newly remodeled home leaves a Clarkston family without a home Tuesday evening.

Asotin County Fire District No.1 firefighters responded to a fire off of 22nd Street in the Heights. While the house looks untouched from the outside, the fire destroyed the interior. Fire Chief Noel Hardin said all signs point to an electrical fire. He says to make sure cords, plugs and wires are all up to safety regulation standards.

"Your extension cords ... make sure they're extension cords big enough," said Hardin. "I don't mean long enough but I mean actually large enough that it can handle the type of device that you're putting on it whether it's a heater or heat lamp."

Hardin said the fire department is seeing a lot of people use cheap extension cords, and piling up devices on those cords especially as temperatures dip well below freezing.