Bathroom ceiling fan is probable cause of latest apt. fires in Moscow

MOSCOW, ID - The Moscow Volunteer Fire Department is looking into the latest apartment fire that seems to have been caused by a bathroom ceiling fan.

Wednesday evening, about 20 volunteer firefighters responded to the small fire at the Tule Apartments on 'A' Street in west Moscow. Fire Marshall Joe Williams said no one was hurt and the damage is minimal, but it's the fourth fire they've dealt with this year that started near a bathroom fan.

"My recommendation is that you don't leave these exhaust fans on, or heaters on, in the bathrooms and then leave," said Williams. "They're not designed to stay on for long periods of time."

Williams also recommends cleaning the fan grates to remove any dust. You can also have your electrician install a timer or motion detector so it turns off automatically. Williams said the latest fire displaced two tenants, but the damage was much less devastating than last week's apartment fire that happened right down the street.

Both incidents are still being investigated to confirm the cause.