BBB warning to beware of online dating romance scams

romance scams.jpg

On this Valentine’s Day, the Better Business Bureau serving the Northwest has a warning. Beware of online dating romance scams. Common romance scams are soldier impersonators, where victims claim they are in a relationship with a service member, but in reality the scammer tricks the victim into sending money.

Officials say remember, communication is key. It’s a big red flag if they refuse to communicate on the phone or in person. Don’t move too fast when emotions are involved. Victims will feel obligated to send money in order to keep communications open. Don’t fall for automatic messaging, this is most likely a computer generated scam bot.

Speaking of scams…. the one where the caller tricks you into saying “yes” in order to make unauthorized purchases is making its rounds in the LC Valley, the Palouse, and now even in Grangeville area. It’s important if you get this call, don’t say a word and just hang up. You can also make a report to the Federal Trade Commission at the number on your screen, that’s 1-877-FTC-HELP.

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