Be clear about your budget when creating outdoor living spaces

LEWISTON, ID - When the weather is warm and bodies gravitate outdoors, having an outdoor space can enhance outdoor living.

"More of us want to spend more time outside, but if you are on a budget be very clear and upfront when you are planning the process," said Angie's List owner Angie Hicks. "Potentially get your project broken out into phases so you can do parts of it in any given year maybe a fire pit this year and a new deck next year so you don't have to do all of it all at once."

The construction and installation of your outdoor kitchen may require the assistance of a team of professionals. For a complete outdoor kitchen with appliances and functioning sinks, homeowners might need the services of a plumber, an electrician, mason and general contractor to oversee the entire project. A landscaper can help make the transition from the outdoor kitchen to the rest of the yard.

"Sitting down with the clients and understand what their lifestyle is and what their lifestyle goals are," said remodeling contractor Charlie Watson. "How many people do they want to entertain out there? Is it just the family or do they have guests over a lot? Do they enjoy sitting outside at night with a fire or is it more grilling and a place to eat outside? So it's really diving into those questions and understands what they want."

Adding outdoor elements can cost under $100 all the way to thousands of dollars. For the majority of homeowners working within a budget, it makes good sense to plan a project in phases. For example, say you can only afford to do the fire pit this year, you should have cutoff points within the plan so if you don't implement phase two or three, it doesn't look like something that's incomplete.

Angie's List reminds homeowners that before building an outdoor living space, you should check about building rules and regulations and see if permits are needed.