Bettge and Weber look to win seat on Moscow City Council

MOSCOW, ID - There are four people running for three open positions on Moscow's City Council this November, which means the candidate with the fewest votes won't get the chance to serve.

Palouse Reporter Rachel Dubrovin introduces us to two of the candidates, Art Bettge and John Weber.

Art Bettge is one of four candidates running for Moscow's City Council.

"Well, I've been around town for a long time, 33 continuous years now," said Moscow City Council Candidate Art Bettge." And it's time to step it up a little bit."

Bettge is currently the Chair of the city's Planning and Zoning Commission, and he has served in that position for the last seven years.

"I'm retired from the USDA now, and I'm working as a consultant," said Bettge. "But I bring very much a science, fact-based approach to governing."

One of the candidates running against Bettge is John Weber.

"I've got a lot of experience in business, I've got a lot of formal education in business," said Moscow City Council Candidate John Weber. "And I've been around Moscow for almost 60 years."

Weber served on the city council from 2006 till 2009. He ran for mayor in 2009, and he decided to retire when he lost the election. But now he's back on the ballot.

"I found out that I just really wasn't quite done with the city politics and so here I am again," said Weber.

Both of these candidates are focused on Moscow's economic growth.

"What we need to do now is broaden our economic base, bring in more manufacturing, start the money here and keep it in town," said Bettge. "And there's a whole lot of regulatory and zoning issues that have to go on in between times."

"I'm not in favor of cutting out services, and I'm also not in favor of increasing taxes to cover them," said Weber. "I am in favor of increasing the tax base."

And both candidates are running because they love the city and they're confident they can make some positive changes.

"The other candidates are good people," said Weber. "I think in this particular case, I'm more well-suited."

"I think I've got the talent and the broad-based knowledge of Moscow to be able to go forth and do some good things for it," said Bettge.

Again, these are just two of the four candidates competing for three city council seats. Moscow voters will be asked to select three of them on their ballot, and we'll introduce you to the remaining two candidates later this week.