Beware of scams when dealing with home improvement contractors

LEWISTON, ID - It's an unseasonably warm day, and with the feeling of spring in the air, the Better Business Bureau has tips for finding the best home improvement specialists.

As part of National Consumer Protection Week the BBB warns, if you're gearing up to improve your home, be wary of unethical companies that could scam you. The BBB Communications Specialist Chelsea Maguire said always verify a company online before giving them your money. Get at least three bids to compare prices even if you're crunched for time.

"When you're pressured to make a decision quickly or it's an emergency situation where you have to make a decision, that it can be really quick to hop online or call the BBB and make sure the company has a really good history before you go into that process," said Maguire.

Finally, always read the fine print of a contract. If terms of a contract make you uncomfortable...walk away from the purchase.