Bloomberg Businessweek rates Moscow best in Idaho to raise kids

MOSCOW, ID - Thanks to Bloomberg Businessweek, Moscow has the bragging rights of being the best place in Idaho to raise children.

Bloomberg Businessweek recently released their list of the best places to raise kids in 2013. They chose one town in each state with a population between 5,000 and 50,000 people. And in Idaho, Moscow came out on top.

"Well it really didn't surprise me," said Moscow School District Superintendent Dale Kleinert. "We have such a supportive community."

Businessweek looked at data like unemployment rates, housing costs, diversity, and of course, public school performance.

"We're especially proud of all of our teachers," said Kleinert. "That's really what it's all about. All of our decisions are made in the best interest of kids."

And you can't talk about schools in Moscow without mentioning the biggest one.

"The University of Idaho colors our social climate, and we're relatively diverse for that for a community of our size," said Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney.

The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, the Renaissance Fair and the Latah Trail, are just some of Moscow's attractions that landed the city on the list. But if you ask a Moscow resident, they'll tell you it's not just about the activities, it's about the people you do them with.

"Great people," said Chaney. "Great people who are fully engaged, who have strongly held opinions and let us know."

"The community is involved in everything," said Kleinert. "We watch out for each other and the education component is key to making this place the best it can be for our kids."

Bloomberg Businessweek looked at 32,000 places nationwide, and excluded towns where the median family income is over $115,000.

Here's the entire list