Bojacks Broiler Pit enforces anti-smoking law

LEWISTON, ID - Anti-smoking campaigns have swept the nation, pushing legislators in many states to ban smoking in public places.

Idaho is one of the few states that doesn't have sweeping legislation across the state banning smoking in bars, however changes are happening locally regardless.

"Times are changing and you've got to go with the times right now," said Bojacks Broiler Pit Owner David Egland.

Egland isn't Bob Dylan but he sure is singing his tune these days as smoking regulations come down hard.

"I had two choices," said Egland. "End the smoking in the bar or not allow children in the restaurant."

It's a trend that many Idaho bars that serve food are being faced with due to harsher regulations coming down from the state government, in association with the Clean Indoor Air Act. Egland said 30 to 40% of his business comes from families who bring their children in, so making the choice between his regulars that smoke in the bar and the families that eat downstairs...

"Wasn't a tough decision," said Egland.

As of April 8th, Bojacks will no longer be a smoking bar, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to smoke outside.

The Department of Health and Welfare Rules Governing Indoor Smoking say that a bar considered to be "within a restaurant," cannot allow smoking if isn't physically isolated from all parts of the restaurant and have a separate outside public entrance that is not shared with the restaurant.

Those rules were put in place in 2005 but Egland said an inspector came by recently to enforce the laws. Egland said he's prepared to lose some regulars that prefer to smoke, he knows that investing in the future is the best business plan there is.

"The more generations you bring in, the longer you'll be here," said Egland.

MJ Barleyhoppers located in the Red Lion Hotel in Lewiston is no longer allowing smoking in their bar as well.