Bomb threat hoax call from overseas evacuates Jefferson School temporarily

PULLMAN, WA - Jefferson Elementary School in Pullman was evacuated Thursday morning after someone left a bomb threat on the school's voice-mail.

Pullman police said that the message was left around 5:00 Wednesday evening, and they were called to the scene after a staff member listened to it at about 8:00 Thursday morning. Police evacuated the school and re-routed the buses while they investigated the building with the help of maintenance workers and teachers.

"We go through the entire school, the bathrooms, the lockers, looking for anything obviously suspicious," said Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant. "And we found nothing."

Police said they only needed to evacuate about 20 kids since is happened so early in the day. When they didn't find any signs of a bomb, the students were able to go back into the building and finish their school day.

In a follow-up with the Pullman Police Department, the school district learned that the call came from an I-P address overseas, and said it is most likely that the information the caller had about the school was found online and that there wasn't any real threat.