Bridal Path owner sad to see shop close on her watch

LEWISTON, ID - Deciding to close Bridal Path wasn't an easy decision for Jennifer Boyer and her husband, but more and more women turning to the internet and chain retailers outside the Valley for cheaper dresses has taken its toll on the small boutique.

"There's just too many uncertainties in the economy right now and so we just decided that we were gonna stop this train while we still could," said Bridal Path owner Jennifer Boyer.

So she's soaking up her last month in the bridal shop. As beautiful as the gowns are and they are gorgeous, it won't be the dresses that Jennifer misses but the women and the moments that she helped them find the one, the perfect dress.

"Oh my goodnesswhen the bride decides that's her dress and she squeals with delight and her mother is in tears and we're all clapping and cheering, it's something that is indescribably fun and I will never forget those moments..never," said Boyer.

Jennifer is sad to see the store that's been around for almost forty years come to an end on her watch, but it's not just Bridal Path that brides to be in the Valley will miss out on. It's also Jennifer and the chance to have this bubbly and sweet woman help you get ready for your big day like only she can.

And when October 31st rolls around and Jennifer has to say goodbye to this place and these moments, she knows it will be..

"Devastating," said Boyer.

But Jennifer also knows there is more in store for her. This path has come to an end but there is another one waiting for her