Bridge Street Market owner needs help finding thieves who robbed store

CLARKSTON, WA - Two burglars break into a local market for beer.

And right now, the business owner is crossing his fingers, hoping you can help police catch the thieves.

KLEW News Reporter Suzette Reynoso has the surveillance video he wants you to see.

Caught on camera, two guys lurked around the front of the Bridge Street Mart in Clarkston. Then all of a sudden, they shatter one of the glass doors in just three swings.

"My wife answered the phone and the alarm guy said you have a door broke down and I just got up and grabbed my keys and ran here," said owner Lucky Sohal.

He said the break-in happened around 1:00 a.m. Wednesday. And now his camera system is living up to his name, Lucky. The entire thing was caught on camera.

"The cops were already there and were cleaning up and I picked up all the trash," said Lucky.

Lucky told us after they broke in they headed straight to the back and stole $50 worth of beer.

Lucky has a message for the thieves, "I hope the cops are going to catch them soon."

If you recognize the men in the video, or if you have any information, call Clarkston Police at (509) 758-1680.
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