Brittnay pays attention to detail and looks forward to being a Vandal

MOSCOW, ID - Brittnay Davis is a Moscow High senior who's about to graduate with a 3.9 GPA but when she does, she won't be traveling far.

"Well, I've kind of just grown up a Vandal," said Davis. "I wouldn't know anything else but to be a Vandal, I guess. I couldn't go anywhere and be as passionate about the school."

Brittnay said she's excited to follow in her parent's footsteps, straight to the University of Idaho. And it's safe to say that she's well prepared.

"Well, I try to get straight A's, and so I put in as much effort as it's going to take to get what I want," said Davis.

Brittnay's a motivated student and athlete. She plays varsity basketball and soccer.

"For me, being a part of a team, that's the most important part," said Davis. "Not just the sport, but being a part of that big family."

Brittnay also finds time to mentor a local second-grader, and participate in Business Professionals of America.

"Well it's hard," said Davis. "But I just try to make time for everything and make sure everything feels like it's got all the attention it needs."