Brooke is working hard now to achieve a career in nursing

LEWISTON, ID - Brooke Marker is a senior at Lewiston High School, a member of the National Honor Society, on the varsity soccer team and has a 3.7 GPA.

"I want to work hard now so then it comes easier later," said Marker.

When Brooke isn't found in the classroom, she's relaxing at home or working for one of her two jobs.

"I just got hired as a CNA at Life Care Center," said Marker.

Science is Brooke's favorite subject and her role with the labor and delivery section is what she knew she always wanted to do.

"The beginning of life instead of the end of life," said Marker. "It's more like a cheerful area then in the ER or nursing homes.

Brooke has been accepted to Boise State and has set goals of where she wants to be in five years.

"As an RN possibly going back to get my Nurse practitioners," said Marker.