Brownfield property near Moscow may have petroleum contamination

MOSCOW, ID - Latah County Commissioners met with a representative from Idaho's Department of Environmental Quality Wednesday afternoon to discuss the possibility of the county acquiring a piece of land that could be environmentally hazardous.

The acre of land off Highway 95 south of Moscow used to be owned by Goodman Oil, but the company hasn't paid taxes on the property in about three years. There is a possibility that the site has a petroleum contamination. Idaho's Department of Environmental Quality said that if the county takes over the property, the land would be considered a "brownfield" and the state would pay to inspect it.

"It wouldn't involve any cleanup funding, but we could at least quantify if there's a risk, and then what it would cost to clean up that risk," said State of Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Brownfields Specialist Steve Gill.

The state has an agreement with Goodman Oil that requires the company to arrange a state investigation of the property, but the company hasn't done so yet. Goodman Oil has until the fifteenth of this month to either request a third extension of their deadline, or ask the state to inspect the land.